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Goal #16 was accomplished today


I did it! I finally got up the nerve to paint on the sidewalk on Main Street. I do so many paintings of Main Street but those are all from photos and I knew I would learn so much more if I could stand there and paint on location, but I've been a big chicken-until today!! And it was fun, I can't wait to do it again! I must say, it was the most challenging subject I have ever tried plein air, and it wasn't very pretty. I could tell people walking by were feeling kind of sorry for me because it was such a mess, but it got better towards the end.

Here it is:


North Main

8"x8" oil on panel



1 Response to Goal #16 was accomplished today

carole mayne
Bless your heart for the courage to post your inner-most feelings and trepidations about jumping out in the public! Eventually, you won't even notice the people walking by, and the total absorption of your loving the moment will be the goal! Your painting has honest observations and charm. Keep on trusting your heart and 'dance' in the streets! (-: Carole

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