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A Walk After Work, 12 x12 oil cityscape by Jacki Newell

Three years ago today, we pulled up very deep roots in Nebraska and moved to South Carolina. Wow, how time has flown!! I love it here, but it is definitely hard to be so far from my son and his new wife, and my daughter, her husband and four beautiful little ones. 

One of the many things I enjoy here, is the ability to walk every morning without the bitter cold winds and ice. It gets cold here, sometimes in the low twenties but it always seems to warm up at least to the 50's, sometimes 70's. I have been able to get downtown, often this winter and take lots of photos and I've painted outdoors there twice in the past month. The paintings that I have done lately have been downtown scenes with winter light which is quite different from the summer lighting. Even on a rather warm day, it still looks like winter because the sun is lower in the sky, even at noon, and with the bare trees that line Main Street, the lack of shade makes a whole new look. I like to go there late afternoon, so the buildings make some shadows and the sky is bright and shimmering. I have taken quite a few photos of this time of day. Here's a painting that I just finished today in that type of lighting.

A Walk After Work

12x12 Oil

$350 unframed

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3 Responses to A Walk After Work, 12 x12 oil cityscape by Jacki Newell

Connie Wolfe
Love this, Jacki!!!!! We miss you in cold, snowy NE!!!!!! There have been some beautiful snowy, frosty days here that I bet you could make look beautiful in paint!!!!! :)

janet bludau
Nice painting Jacki. I just "found" you through the painters studio and can't remember how in the world I got on that list- its new for me. Anyway, I like your work and enjoyed reading your blog. I am wondering where in SC you are - I love Charleston and am in a gallery there. Good luck with your goals. Very smart of you to write them down!

jacki newell
Hi Connie! I do miss the snow, but not the cold temps, although it has been quite cold and windy the past few days here. It feels like Nebraska only without the pretty snow.

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