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Gardenia Still Life 6x6 oil by Jacki Newell

I love living in a state that has gardenias everywhere you look!! I bought a little gardenia plant 3 years ago at the farmers market in downtown Greenville and had been waiting ever since then for it to bloom! Mainly, because I wanted to paint some gardenias but also, since it was planted just below my bedroom window, I wanted to be able to smell them as I sit here at my computer. Finally, this year, it has made up for lost time and is covered in gorgeous, fragrant blooms and today I painted one. It took much longer to paint than I wanted it to, but hopefully, with some practice I can get the hang of painting them well. 

I love this little bottle vase. My daughter Jaimi gave it to me. It's our favorite color of glass.

If you are interested in this painting contact me by clicking here.

Gardenia #1

6x6 oil

$150 plus $8 shipping


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