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First Show with the Propanels

Whew, the FENCE Wine and Art show that I have been working so hard for has come and gone. We had gorgeous weather, not any of the wind that was forcasted, thank you, Lord! Dave and I were very pleased with how nice the propanels went up, even on unlevel ground. The venue was beautiful, I was wishing i would have brought my paint box because I had such a lovely view of mountains from my tent. Sad thing, though, was that the turnout was very light. There was just an occasional trickle of people all day that made their way to my tent. The ones that did stop in were very complimentary. I worked so hard on framing all those small paintings and it took me alot longer to hang my work compared to everyone else because of all the little ones, but I felt that the small paintings got alot of attention from viewers. At the very end of the day, just before tearing down, a couple and then, a few minutes later, a young woman came back to my tent and I ended up selling a total of 5 small paintings. I was thrilled!!!! Definitely felt they were worth all the time I spent framing and hanging them.
It was also my first show to use my new credit card devise from Square Up. It didn't work. I didn't do a trial run on it at home yet, but I'm thinking because we were out in rural mountain foothills, the cell phone reception may have been bad. I'm not giving up on it, because it's such an awesome way for people to pay. I'll report on that when I try it out soon.
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My view from the tent.  
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Part of the Job

I have been busy doing lots of art things, but sadly, not painting. I have an art fair coming up this weekend and since I have not shown in one in over a year, I have tons of things to do to prepare for it, namely, framing all those little paintings I've been doing. Recently, I invested in Propanels and they are pricey so I have to get out there and sell some paintings! Dave and I set up the tent and the Propanels up in our driveway. Wow! They set up so nicely and are lightweight compared to the wire panels that I had before. I like the look so much better, also. I was pleased with the set up. I have many more paintings to hang now that I've got them all framed. I have no idea about this show coming up. It's an Art and Wine Festival, which sounds like fun and I hope people show up to look at art. I don't know anyone who has been in this show, I think it's fairly new. I have to remind myself that even if it isn't a well attended show, it is good practice on setting up my stuff and it motivated me to get these paintings framed, which will be nice for future shows.

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Back From Omaha

I've been in Omaha the past week, helping my daughter after the birth of little Asher David Schmidt. I had a great time, spending time with my grandkids and my daughter Jaimi and son-in-law. I also got to visit with my son and his fiance, Heather, shown in the yellow sweater surrounded by her soon to be niece and nephews. Omaha is in the height of the autumn colors so we had a great time playing in the leaves and visiting one of the many apple orchards in Neb. City.

Although I enjoyed my time there, I'm always glad to get back home. I'm itching to get back to painting, but I don't think that's going to happen this week. I have an outdoor art festival coming up in Landrum, SC on Saturday and have lots of framing and organizing to do to get ready for it. I haven't had a show since over a year ago and have plenty of paintings to get ready.

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