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Exciting Week Part II

Here's the rest of the story of why last week was so great- the gallery that has my small downtown paintings sold 7 of them!!!! They hadn't  even gotten them up on the wall and someone who had read in my January newsletter that I now have my work at Liz Daly Design Gallery came down to see them and bought 7 of them! Wow! I got the phone call about the sale while I was at the hospital visiting my new grandson. Right after I sent out the newsletter I was feeling sorry for myself and whining to my friend that I felt like I wasted a bunch of time putting it together, but was committed to doing one each month. When I found out that the reason this person had come to the gallery to see my work was because she had read about it in my newsletter, I realized that maybe that time I spent at the computer was time well spent!! I must say that Clint Watson, Leslie Saeta and Dreama were right about newsletters!!


Here are two that sold this week-



"Love that Dress"                                                            

12x12 oil                                                                          




"Main Street in December"

12x12 oil



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Exciting Week Part I

Last week was a great one! On Tuesday the 24th, Gage Ryan Ford came into the world, grand baby #8 for Dave and I. My daughter, Corrie, had been having contractions for the past 2 weeks, but only to find out on Monday that she was not dilated at all. She was so discouraged. We prayed that her water would break so she wouldn't have to wait another whole week before they induced her, and sure enough, the very next morning, her water broke and he was born at 11:50 am that day!! The delivery was very traumatic, though. His heart rate slowed way down and they prepped Corrie for an emergeny c-section. In a last ditch effort the dr told her to try to push because that might get him out faster than the surgery. He came out with the umbillical cord wrapped two times tightly around his his neck. Although very blue and limp at first, God brought him safely through this scary ordeal and he is just fine. Perfect in fact!! His two big brothers and 2 year old big sister are all thrilled that he is here as are the rest of us. We praise God for His timing of the birth and His protection over this precious little one.

More about my exciting week later.



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"Citrus" 8"x8" oil Still Life by Jacki Newell


8"x8" oil

Click here to bid (pending)


Whew, what a day. Battling a head cold and technical difficulties on basically everything I was involved in, made the day a challenge. It was all art related stuff, so, as the saying goes a bad day as an artist is better than a good day in the office. I do enjoy so many of the aspects of the artist life, it just gets frustating if painting is not a part of the day.


I sent out my 2nd monthly newsletter today, announcing some news and the winner of the painting. If you would like to receive my newsletter and have your name included in the monthly drawing for an oil painting, sign up here.

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I love citrus. I eat lots of it. So why do I have this cold? It's been a while, so I shouldn't complain.

Thanks for viewing my art.


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Studio Ipad Setup


I took a photo of the corner of my small studio to show how I paint from photos these days. Ever since I received my ipad for Christmas from my husband a year ago, I have used it to paint from. It works great, but I have longed for a larger screen, especially since I plan to paint lots of larger pieces this year. I can't remember where I read it, somewhere on a blog recently an artist mentioned that she connects her ipad to a large computer moniter and paints from that. What a great idea!! I considered going out and buying a large moniter, but my daughter suggested that i hook up the tv from our guest room and try that. It took a while to find just the right adapter, and I had such a hard time getting my ipad to show up on the screen. The problem is, it's an ipad 1 and not an ipad 2. You can only view slideshows from some reason on ipad 1. I was so frustrated, how can I paint from a slideshow? After some research, Dave installed the  keynote app on my ipad and finally I can view my photos on the screen. It works great now. You can see the difference in size between the ipad and the tv screen.

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Two Eggs still life 6x6 oil on panel

Two Eggs
6x6 oil on panel
I enjoy these nuetral colors. I just bought this bowl on clearance at Pottery Barn. I wanted it in white, but they only had this one and a darker brown left. I look forward to painting it again.
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Homemade Tomato Basil-6x6 still life oil on gessoboard

Homemade Tomato and Basil

8"x8" oil on panel



Email me if you are interested in purchasing this or any of my paintings.

Thanks for viewing my art




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North Main Plein air-Cityscape 8x8 oil on panel

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Goal #16 was accomplished today


I did it! I finally got up the nerve to paint on the sidewalk on Main Street. I do so many paintings of Main Street but those are all from photos and I knew I would learn so much more if I could stand there and paint on location, but I've been a big chicken-until today!! And it was fun, I can't wait to do it again! I must say, it was the most challenging subject I have ever tried plein air, and it wasn't very pretty. I could tell people walking by were feeling kind of sorry for me because it was such a mess, but it got better towards the end.

Here it is:


North Main

8"x8" oil on panel


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My 2012 Art Goals

I am mainly doing a redo of last year. This time, with God's help, I will do a better job of reaching these goals.
1. Paint a small daily painting 4 days a week, at least.
2. Paint 2 or more large paintings a month.
3. Write in my blog least 5 evenings a week.
4. Spend time editing photos for future paintings in the evenings.
5. Exhibit in 6 outdoor art fairs this year
7. Attend a workshop of a painter that I admire
8. Participate in plein air competions this year
9. Paint with other artists more often.
10. Get up  earlier in the morning in order to get an earlier start on painting.
11. Send out an email newsletter once a month
12. Sell art on ebay or Daily Paintworks Auction. I have been dragging my feet on this one but plan to start this month.
13. Make more money selling than I spend on buying art supplies.

14. Enter Randy Higby 6"x6" show in April

15. Go to Charleston and the beach to paint and take reference photos

16.Paint on downtown Greenville Street 

17. Video painting demo


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